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Your reasons to Outsource your Account Functions

Sollertia -ae f.

[ application of ingenuity, skill,
cleverness, resourcefulness

"Save up to 50% on your accountancy costs"



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Reasons To Outsource Your Accounts

By providing streamlined outsourced accounting services our clients are comfortable in the knowledge that they can utilise more of their business resources on generating additional revenue instead of employing a high cost accounts department.


CIMAExpertise - Sollertia is a registered member in practice of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

KnowledgeKnowledge - through our many years of experience, professional qualifications and continued professional development.

TeamTeam - high quality integrated friendly, dedicated, reliable and client focused staff.

InformationInformation - using the latest business and management benchmarking systems and providing high quality up-to-date accurate financial information and reports.

Data SecurityData Security - state of the art off-site servers hold data securely. Automatic daily backups with full disaster recovery.

TechnologyTechnology - market leading and highly developed user-friendly secure webware that integrates with a wide variety of systems. Constant investment in new technology ensures that we are at the forefront of the industry.

ReputationReputation - we perceive all of our clients as partnerships and have built strong relationships with many other funding and government institutions.

SupportSupport - 24/7 online access to your accounting data from anywhere in the world. Clients also receive additional support from conversing with our staff by telephone, fax, email and Skype.


ImpartialImpartial - reports and information prepared by impartial qualified management accountants who have an objective and balanced view point.

Decision MakingDecision Making - timely and better informed decision making from using up-to-date and accurate information and reports.

ComplianceCompliance - giving you the peace of mind that we have taken care of your compliance work including VAT returns, Corporation Tax and Payroll.

Increased Borrowing CapacityIncreased Borrowing Capacity - Sollertia is experienced in acting as an independent financial director at bank meetings for its clients and has been successful in raising additional funds for them when required.

Performance ManagementPerformance Management - Provides accurate clear Key Performance Indicators to effectively manage the objectives of your organisation.

Strategic ManagementStrategic Management - Whether you use us as a quasi-financial director or simply in an advisory capacity, our service provides all the support you would expect from a senior board member but from an unbiased independent view point.

CommunicationCommunication - clear information to all stakeholders including funders and suppliers.

ForecastingForecasting - accurate short, medium and long term planning leads to improved business direction and achievement.


RecruitmentRecruitment - no time and money spent on looking for and hiring the right people for your business.

CustomersCustomers - greater focus on building customer relationships and maintaining a high delivery of service.

InvestmentInvestment - allows you to add value to the core business. No further hassle or investment needed in accounting systems, software packages or replacement PC’s.

Working CapitalWorking Capital - outsourcing facilitates effective management and better use of working capital.

ResourcesResources - utilise existing employees to become value added or revenue earning staff.

Ledger ManagementLedger Management - increased attention to detail on the ledgers creates positive cash flow through improved stakeholder relationships and payment culture.

ServiceService - no service interruption from holidays, sickness or staff absence.

ValueValue - outsourcing can deliver substantial savings compared to hiring dedicated staff.

More TimeMore Time - Free up management and resources to concentrate on the core business activities.