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Accounts Receivable Management

Do you want to reduce your debtors and improve your business’s cash flow?

Deploying Credit Knight; a sophisticated credit control software system, into your business will show significant improvements to your cash flow and reduce your debtor days; saving you time and money.

Credit Knight is a secure cloud based, automated credit management system. It provides full reporting that will provide in-depth information of the current situation of a business’s debtors, at any one time. Created as a cloud based system, it has the added benefit that the information can be accessed at anytime, anywhere, by your authorised personnel, such as credit controllers, managers and directors.

With Credit Knight monitoring and managing your debtors it becomes a systematic and pro-active process that will benefit the business’s cash flow and working capital.

The system will enable you to schedule reminders and tasks to the credit controllers to chase a debtor. It will then issue automated letters to your debtors, to suit your business’s individual requirements and action dates. All activities and communications are documented; given complete control and account history of debtors and details when payments are due to you.

The benefits of Credit Knight to your business include:

  Increased working capital

  Improved cash flow

  Reduced debtor days

  Greater financial stability

Credit Knight empowers your business to take control and manage your debtors, so you can focus your energies on growing your business.

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